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Name: Elyse Hiruma
Nicknames: None
Age: 24 (How old she was when she died)
Birthday: September 17th
Race: Shinigami
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115lbs
Handedness: Right-handed
Family: Miako (Mother), Katar (Father), and Tiema(Younger sister) all adoptive
Occupation: Lieutenant of Squad Nine


Elyse always appears to be very shy and timid, though she is somewhat attractive. Her hair is incredibly curly, having more of a fluffed out look to it, and is a brown. Lastly her eyes are a dark hazel, and she wears the normal shihakushou.


Elyse is incredibly shy and timid, as well as being socially awkward with people she doesn’t know. However, she can be very friendly once she gets to know someone. Though because of her introvertness she only has a handful of people she calls true friends. Elyse’s personality becomes totally different when she’s in a fight. She is deadly serious and sometimes forgets her own strength and can easily overdue some of her more powerful attacks.

    Elyse's death in the living world was an accident. A group of kids found a pistol hidden in a park and Elyse was walking through the park after having to stay late for work. The kids argued about what to do with the firearm, and Elyse noticed them arguing and asked them if everything was all right. The kid holding the gun freaked out and accidentally pulled the trigger; shooting her in the right side of her stomach; just above the hip bone. This event was where her shyness fully developed, and is afraid to approach people for this very reason. She remained a ghost in the Real World after her death for a while before Kiara finally found her and performed the Konso on her and sent her to Soul Society.
    When she first arrived to the Soul Society she was alone for about two weeks as she was too shy to talk to anyone. But then one day a little girl by the name of Tiema approached her and took her to her newly formed family.
    After staying with the family for a few months, they noticed the sizeable amount of reiatsu in her, and urged her to become a soul reaper. They also thought it would be a great way to help with her fearful shyness.
    Elyse was a quick learner in the Academy and graduated among the top of her class. Kiara, remembering who she was, requested Elyse be put in her Squad.  When she was evaluated to see if she could get a high position in the squad she almost accidentally killed the Lieutenant, and so the rank was given to her.


Shikai name: U-iro Arushi (Willow Tempest)

Bankai name:  Hahanaru chikyu no U-iro Arushi (Mother Earth’s Willow Tempest)

Summon word/phrase: “Bloom and Burn”

Inner World: Is a forest where all the trees and shrubs are made of fire. 
Zanpakuto Descriptions

Zanpakuto Spirit: Arushi is a woman with red skin (almost looks sunburned) has long crimson hair and eyes. Only thing covering her private parts is a bunch of leaves made of fire, everywhere else her is skin is bear.

Dormant State: Keeps it on her left side attached to a belt. The hilt is colored dark green and orange, which is in a spiral design, and the pommel has a rose etched into it. The bottom of the pommel is the center of the rose and it “blooms” onto the sides; the petals being a deep red. The tsuba (guard) is the shape of a rose; the metallic petals actually going out and up.

Shikai State: U-iro Arushi is a fire/nature type zanpakuto that turns into a whip. The whip is a green in color, like the stem of a flower, and has thorns covering almost the entirety of the whip. The petals that make her tsuba glow a fierce orange, and turns into a fire that covers the whip.

Bankai State: When Elyse goes into bankai she gets two more “stems” to her whip, which are exact duplicates of the one in shikai. The tips of all three stems then become three-become pronged with thorns on those as well.

Zanpakuto Abilities

Kasai no Kakuchi (Burning Extension): Elyse is able to double the range of her whip using the fire surrounding it, as it all goes to the tip. In bankai she can either double the range of all three of the whips, or have it all go to one whip, making its distance four times longer.

Barabaningu (Burning Rose): Transforms the fire around the whip to either one large rose or multiple, smaller roses, and launches them at the enemy. Then if need be is able to separate the petals and launch the petals individually, making them move faster though they do less damage. When they hit Elyse’s opponent they explode on contact. In bankai it does more damage and travels faster.

Hi no Ki (Tree of Fire): Sticks her zanpakuto into the ground and is able to heat up the ground below the enemy, and can then sprout a “tree” of flame, launching a wave of fire into the air that also extends in multiple directions that Elyse can control, essentially making branches. In bankai the tree sprouts faster, Elyse can make more branches and they can go for longer distances.

Hanabira kokūn (Petal Cocoon): Elyse uses the fire around her whip, and if need be spirit particles around her, to form a protective cocoon around her that looks like its made with flower petals. Although, she can only use spirit particles to a certain extent. If an enemy touches it they not only get burned but cut as well. In bankai it can be up for longer periods of time, the cocoon is harder to destroy and she can make it larger, having more people in it at once.

Hotaru mure (Firefly Swarm): This is a bankai only ability. This is Elyse’s most powerful attack. She is able to manipulate spirit particles around her and use them to attack enemies. The manipulated particles look like a swarm of fireflies and actually explode when they make contact with an enemy. Though only a few here and there don’t do much damage the real threat of this attack is if Elyse is able to concentrate enough to send several fireflies at once. A major flaw to the move though is that she can’t be disturbed when trying to “call” the swarm; and it leaves her incredibly exhausted.


Intelligence: (7/10)
Strength: (6/10)
Speed: (8/10)
Endurance: (8/10)
Sword Handling: (7/10)
Shunpo: (8/10)
Kido: (9/10)


Saosin: Fireflies (Light Messengers)
EDIT 6/15/14: FIRST OFF HOW THE CRAP DOES THIS HAVE OVER 1000 VIEWS?!?!?! :iconimdeadplz: Anyway, just changed stuff to her history and small stuff to fit with how I've been doing profiles lately

Well here's the new version of Elyse's profile. ^^ Not much else to say...:shrug:

Saosin: Fireflies (Light Messengers)…

Elyse Hiruma (c) Me

Bleach (c) :icontitekuboplz:
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